What are The Only Straws made of?
Our straws are made from rice flour and tapioca starch.

What sizes do they come in?
Our straws come in 6mm, 8mm and 12mm diameters x 200mm to 210mm long.

How are they different?
The rice flour straw has the robustness of a plastic straw yet is zero waste once broken down.

What conditions do they need to break down?
The straws will break down in any environment, faster breakdown will occur in inclement rain conditions (usually within a week) and in a dry environment (within three months). They are also compostable, will break down very quickly in waterways or the ocean and can be put in landfill or compost areas with a zero-waste footprint.

Are they suitable for everyone?
They are gluten free, vegan friendly and all natural ingredients containing no soy or traces of nuts.

Will they last longer than a paper straw?
Yes, they will last for over an hour in a drink, juice or shake. After this, they will go soft and bend, but will not fall apart like a paper straw.

Can you use them in hot drinks?
We do not recommend using straws in hot drinks as you may get burnt, however they will last in a warm drink.

Are they eco friendly?
The most eco-friendly straw we have to choose from as they do not contain any micro plastics and are completely zero waste.

Do they come in a variety of colours?
Yes, they do. All colours are made from natural vegetables such as red (beetroot), yellow (turmeric), green (spinach), and black (sesame). However the straws have no taste.

Do they have an expiry date being edible?
Yes, the date of expiry is 2 years from manufacture date, storing in a dry stock room is fine as you would any flour-based products.

I use eco paper straws, how are these different?
Paper straws are of course a step in the right direction; however, they use large amounts of energy and trees to produce the paper and lots of harmful glues and dyes to make paper straws. Our straws are extruded through a machine only requiring minimal energy usage and last four to five times longer in a drink than a paper straw.

Where are they made?
They are produced exclusively for us in Vietnam, ethically sourced, with all health and safety certificates required. The straws have been tested and have licencing and certificates for ISO22,000, HACCP and FDA International approval.

What is your return policy on damaged product?
In the unlikely event that you receive any poorly manufactured straws or straws broken during shipping, we’ll gladly replace them.

Can you brand the paper wrapping with our brand?
Yes, white label and branding is available with an extra cost to be determined.


We invite you to order a trial pack of The Only Straw for your business to see not only for yourselves but also your customers that being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be a compromise on quality, can be rewarding for your brand and your end customers. We are truly 100% committed to change and that change is here.

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